Holiday Calendar 2018 Template | National Holidays 2018

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Holiday Calendar 2018

Holiday Calendar 2018, Holiday Calendar 2018 template

Calendar is an organized chart that includes dates, days, weeks, months in a proper manner so that you could keep track of every passing day along with your important days also. A basic calendar is basically comes with dates and days with respective months but when they mention Holidays also, they become Holiday Calendar. We are here presenting you all about such calendar as ‘Holiday Calendar 2018’. So do not let any of the holidays out of your track!

2018 Calendar with Holidays

2018 Calendar with Holidays

But what makes a day a ‘Holiday’? Don’t you think it is one very important question to be asked? Well, let me help you, a day which is set aside by a law or by a custom on which routine activities or normal activities like business, work (that include Schools too), are suspended i.e. adjourned. Usually, such days are intended to allow individuals to commemorate or to celebrate an event, festival of cultural or religious significance. In many communities or societies, the holidays announced by religious institutions and that by governments show quite an important distinction too. Various holidays includes Consecutive holidays like National Days, seasonal vacations or a golden week etc., Religious holidays like Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh, Christians, Jewish, Islamic, Chinese traditional holidays etc., western winter holidays in the Northern Hemisphere, Secular days (regional) and some unofficial holidays as well.

2018 Holiday Calendar

2018 Holiday Calendar, calendar holiday 2018

Well, whenever a ‘New Year’ time arrives, what we all look for? We all look for new calendars and what we look for most are HOLIDAYS in the coming year (more if you’re in school, college or a service person), no? We always look for the days and dates of our favorite holidays and also when can we get a longer weekend in different months so that we could plan a family or friendly trip or a gathering with friends. Well, this is what we all go through and that’s why and when Holidays Calendar 2018 becomes important to think of.

Federal Holidays 2018

federal holidays 2018, public holdays 2018

There are numerous holidays we celebrate in a whole year, be it a Sunday, a memorial day of a great personality, cultural festivals or a day of National importance. To keep track of any of these Holidays Calendars 2018 will prove very beneficial. Why not? That’s what we are working on and trying to make these calendars with best of use to our users. Holidays Calendars 2018 comes in different designs, format and with very attractive quality of paper or board, fonts and printing styles. Be it a wall calendar or a desk one; Holidays Calendar 2018 becomes very important since New Year isn’t too far now.

National Holiday 2018

Holidays that are coming up are present in Holidays Calendar 2018 in a very organized and chronological manner so that you could look just on respective month to get informed about various Holidays waiting for you so that you could pre plan many of your pending works or may be a surprise for your long distantly living dear ones! This is one reason why we put some space for ‘notes’ so that you could note down your plans if you have a habit of forgetting things in time.

2018 Printable Calendar with Holidays

2018 Holidays, Calendar 2018

Some of the holidays that we always look forward in different countries in world are New Year ’s Day, Jan 1, (which is a federal holiday in many of the countries), Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Jan 15, Maha Shivratri, National Freedom Day, Lincoln’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, , Holi, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Memorial Days, Eid al-Fitr, Independence Day, Raksha Bandhan, Janmashtmi, Labor Day, other Hindu Festivals, Muslim Festivals, Jewish and Christian Holidays, many other Federal days (there are around 10 federal holidays according to United States Congress), some local observance holidays, some state holidays etc. In US, when a holiday falls on a Sunday, it is usually observed on the following Monday. Similarly, when a Holiday falls on a Saturday, it is observed on the preceding Friday. It depends upon the regions where Holidays Calendars are going to get used and also depending upon communities, Holidays Calendars 2018 are designed containing respective all the holidays.

Holiday 2018 Calendar

Holiday 2018 Calendar, 2018 Calendar with Holidays

Since in this world there are many nations and every country has their own celebratory and memorial days. Therefore, Holidays Calendars are different for different locations. It is quite a tedious process to accumulate this much data remembering every single holiday and then organize them in a systematic manner in charts or sheets assigning them with their days and days. But that is what a necessity as well. What do you say? Our Holidays Calendars 2018 will prove best option to opt because of our hard-working team that has designed best calendars for your state or nation and with very attractive designs. The materials that we use are of best quality because our purpose is to make a calendar not only attractive but also smooth, glossy and durable for the whole year. Our Holidays Calendar 2018 is one good example.

Public Holidays 2018

Holidays Calendar 2018, 2018 Holidays Calendar


I hope from this short article you could grasp some of the important information that might have make this piece of writing of some help to an extent and thank you for your valuable time. We always try to put as much important information as possible in lesser of quantity but more in quality. If you still need to know more about different holidays and their importance and regarding information you can have our different zonal calendars with holidays mentioned in them.

I also hope that you enjoyed reading and we would appreciate any of your comments, if any. I wish you a very Happy New Year 2018 and also many holidays for you so that you could spend more time with your family and friends. Also, may be with you also by signing into some good transformation activities like Mountaineering or some silence meditation workshops. Nope?

Happy coming Holidays in 2018 to you! Good Luck. Take care.

Printable Calendar 2018 Template

Calendars 2018 are as essential as planners. Without a calendar, it is impossible to keep track of the dates or the events that pass by. Just in case, if you do not have a calendar, you would not be knowing when and on which day is a National holiday 2018. You would miss out on notable events like a friend’s birthday or marriage anniversary and so on. It would so happen on one fine morning, on a National holiday, you landed in office for work, just because you did not have a calendar to keep track of the date.

2018 Printable Calendar Template

2018 Printable Calendar Template

Be it a business, your personal life or anything else, carrying out prior planned activities provides you with a better insight of things you need to take care of. In today’s busy life, it is not possible to keep in mind each and everything that you need to take care of. Noting down the important things somewhere, and setting up a reminder for the most important ones, would help you not miss out on the important activities of the day. To help the same, printable calendars are created.

Printable Calendar 2018

Printable Calendar 2018, Printable 2018 Calendar

Calendars online are available in different formats, right from PDF version to docs. You can even download a pocket-sized calendar and use it for your reference. The printable calendar template provides you with the opportunity to note down notable events in the blank spaces, which otherwise, you might forget. This would act as a savior and save you from the face of an embarrassing situation. They use less paper and are not bulky. Also, they do not require too much of a storage space. You can customize a daily planner and create your own version. They vary from size to size and designs and you can choose one that best suits you from an availability of a bulk.

Printable Monthly Calendar 2018

Printable Monthly Calendar 2018, blank calendar 2018

Since the printable calendar templates are easily available, you can customize them and make them look sassy and attractive. A lot of customizable and editable options are available for each template and you can give them a look and feel as per your choice. What better can it be to view a calendar as per the design and look you always wanted to have on your calendar?

Yearly Calendar 2018

Yearly Calendar 2018, Printable Calendar 2018

A few of the different versions of printable calendar templates are:

The printable calendar templates also come with inbuilt holiday viewer. National holidays are marked corresponding to the dates for reference to keep you updated.

Printable 2018 Calendar

Printable 2018 Calendar, calendar 2018 template

The calendar is divided into rows and columns to assimilate all required dates in it. Events are marked. Spaces are left for you to note down things and notable events for your reference. The printable calendar lets you maintain records of birthdays, anniversaries of your loved ones and other day to day events. For students, they can store details of their examination dates and important dates for coaching sessions they need to attend via this. Formulas are included to suggest the common holidays in the planner and no extra effort needs to be put in. You can even customize it to add a prioritized task list, by highlighting or coloring a date or marking it in a way that would help you remember it.

Calendar Printable 2018

Calendar Printable 2018, printable calendar 2018

Printable calendars let you see the dates at a glance, you can store essential information about your most notable events, paying your bills, appointments to the doctor and so on and so forth. There are several colorful themes available for a planner and trust me those are catchy.

Printable Calendar 2018 Template

Printable Calendar 2018 Template, holiday calendar 2018

Be it doctors, engineers or students, each one of us have several plans in mind and to carry out each of these without forgetting one and regretting for it later, it is better to maintain a record of these on a printable calendar template so that at any point in time, you can easily refer to it.

Printable calendar templates have several advantages of its own-

  • Saves time.
  • Saves space.
  • Helps you with effective time management.
  • Reduces chances of missing out on major events.
  • Can be used as a traditional calendar as well.
  • You find a single page overview of what needs to be done that week.
  • You can keep track of your fitness, diet and spending.
  • Can be used as a family planner.
  • Can be used as a chore chart.
  • Easily editable.
  • Events passed can be removed or deleted.
  • Can be accessed online as well apart from being printable.
  • Can be stored on the cloud as well.
  • You get used to focus on more important activities.
  • Schedule sharing is possible.
  • You can master your time.
  • Can be carried in pockets.
  • You can give it a look and feel of your own.
  • You can keep a check on the events left to be completed.
  • Necessary adjustments can be made.
  • Boosts your efficiency.
  • Helps keep your life organized.

    Editable Calendar 2018

    Editable Calendar 2018, printable calendar 2018

Eventually, there is not right or wrong format of a calendar that might appeal to you, it is you who chooses the format as per your suitability. Printable calendars are suitable for those who have just a few momentous events to carry out on a day-like appointment to a doctor, as they provide you with that minimal space to note down those events.

Blank Calendar 2018

Blank Calendar 2018, printable calendar 2018

Printable calendars are available as one page per day and you can print a page for any day of the year as per the requirement. Planners are not much different from the calendars. The only difference is that calendars do not provide you with an extra space for storage of your events, while planner does. Both provides you with a list of important holidays.

Holiday Calendar 2018

Holiday Calendar 2018,

Now that you have an idea of how important a calendar can be in your life, try and get one that suits your schedule. However, do check the guidelines, advantages, and format and choose the appropriate one to avoid the task of going through the hassle all over again.

Full Moon Calendar 2018 | Full Moon Schedule Calendar 2018

Hello friends, this is our pleasure to provide you with information that you are looking for, that is, Full Moon Calendar 2018. We are very active in providing all sort of information that one might be searching for. full moon phase calendars 2018 is a unique type of calendar which contains information regarding different moon phases with dates and time which are being followed by millions across the globe.

Full Moon Schedule 2018

 new moon dates, full moon schedule 2018

This might be possible that you are not so much informed about what exactly full moon phase is and what may be its importance. Not a problem, because that’s why we are here for you to provide with detailed information regarding it and so that you also could have one Full Moon Calendar 2018 at your desired location to follow in coming year.

The lunar phase when the moon is completely illuminated, if look from the Earth, is basically Full Moon night. This situation arises when Earth comes directly between the Sun and the Moon.  This indicates that the hemisphere of the Moon which is facing Earth (the near side) is quite fully illuminated by the Sun and appears round (while the far side is almost completely unlit).

Full Moon, since ages, has a spiritual connection along with some astrological aspects as well. There have been number of scientific papers and reports for and against the impact of the moon on human behavior for years now. The reports analyzed increased mental activity, greater than before visits to general or psychiatric departments and people complaining of increased levels of physical and mental distress also.

Full Moon Calendar 2018 Template

Full Moon Calendar 2018, next full moon 2018

The Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) carefully observed the effect of the moon on human behavior using spiritual techniques and methodologies.

Clearly, if it is so, Full Moon Calendar 2018 will prove of utmost use and of importance to keep a track on different phases of the Moon.

Various spiritual practitioners never lose a chance to meditate on the of full moon where it has been believed that natural bright shining light has a great and positive impact on one’s insight and state of mind. Full Moon Calendar 2018 will be containing all such days like First Quarter Moon 2018 with phase of moon that will prove really efficient in your life because it has been believed and proved that the frequencies emanating from the moon affect the frequencies of mental body i.e. our brain, the most crucial part of human body, which not only decide our emotions, feeling or desires but has an impact on physical fitness as well. You will know easily is it a full moon tonight or not.

Free Moon Phases 2018 Calendar

Free Moon Phases 2018 Calendar, First Quarter Moon 2018

Our mind consists of the conscious mind and the sub-conscious mind. Although we are not aware of the thoughts or impressions in our sub-conscious mind but we have a number of impressions that are rooted and embedded which decide our basic nature and personality within the sub-conscious mind. Such impressions get collected over a number of lifetimes and these impressions in our mind acts as catalysts for all our thoughts and subsequent actions. The impressions and our thoughts both have their own subtle-frequencies according to which our life proceed.

To be fair, just like other wellness trends come and go, humans have been following the phases of the moon for thousands of years now.

Full Moon Names 2018

Full Moon Names 2018, full moon phase calendars 2018

Someone has said so well that, your intent is what you intend to create in your life. Keeping tracks and following moon cycles can prove a great way to set goals and reap great benefits out of it. According to Astrology, our energy starts building at the new moon Dates and then peaks two weeks later at the full moon. In many cultures, farmer plant by the new moon phase and harvest back by the full moon only. Isn’t it a good idea to get a little lunar boost for your own life?

Creative outpourings, completion and harvesting are when there is a Full moon. It has such importance that they’re also your sign to cash on anything that you might have started at new moon six months earlier, consecutively. A full moon behaves like giant cosmic spotlights, and hence they can be illuminating and shine so bright. Every single thing that comes out into the open under the light of the full moon get the opportunity to soak the divinity that cosmos send in form of moonlight.

You know each new moon falls in a specific zodiac sign and then after six months, a full moon occurs back in that same zodiac sign. This is what Full Moon Calendar 2018 will keep you in touch with also.

Since there is so much importance that a full moon carries, a lot scientific and spiritual belief are connect with its presence, it makes such days differ from like any other day. Full Moon Calendar 2018 will be mentioning all such days to make you alert for the presence of full moon so that you all could earn merits by doing deeds related to such unique day like Meditation and by being with serene and calm nature. We always use ordinary calendars every year carrying all those festivals, holidays and days of our own celebration; of course they are important but by this we are not adding up anything new in our life with each passing year, no? Let us not make every year like any previous by following a monotonous way of living, rather we could move further and beyond to new experiences. Learning about full moon is surely a good way, but by following and accepting its teachings there are chances that we could improve our lives as well. Bring next Full Moon 2018 for your home and office will be the initial step to begin with.

Full Moon Calendar 2018 is such a unique type of calendar that will feature all regular information that is essential anyway along with few highlighted days of Full Moon in each and every month. Full Moon Calendar is being widely accepted in many corners of world and people are getting aware of its usefulness and benefits. You do not need to look anywhere else for any information based on a calendar if you choose this unique Full Moon Calendar 2018 which is very attractive and elegant as well. Hence, you will be saving enough of your time too.

I hope this article provides with some important information that you were looking for and have cleared few of your doubts. We are happy to be of some help. Hope you have a happy, healthy and peaceful life. Thanks


Hindu Calendar 2018 with Tithi | Panchang 2018 [Vikram Samvat 2074]

Hello everyone! This article is basically all about the Hindu Calendar 2018 with Tithi. As we all know how much importance a calendar plays in our daily life. Without calendar we won’t get to know typically about days, weeks,month and year. Basically a calendar is a system of organizing days for religious,social,adminstrative or commercial purpose. Hindu calendar is basically a combined term for the various Lunisolar calendars used in Hinduism. Personally I think the Hindu people are more sacred and pray for the different gods/goddess. As in ancient times the people used to worship Pashupati goddess.Pashupati is an avatar of the Hindu god “lord Shiva” also known as the “lord of animals”. In Harappa civilization also the people used to worship mother goddess and pashupati lord.

2018 Hindu Calendar

Vikram Samvat , hindu calendar 2018

So as Hindu people worship different type of gods Hindu calendar plays a very important role as too get to know which day is what? There are the different type of calendars for different regions but among them the most studied and know 2018 Hindu calendar are Vikram Samvat 2074 which is found in the northern, western and central regions of the Indian subcontinent.

For the southern region Tamil calendar is found and for the eastern region Bengali is there all of which emphasize the Lunar cycle and their new year starts in spring. In regions such as Kerala the solar cycle is emphasized and the calendar there is known as Malayalam calendar and their new year starts in autumn.

Hindu calendar 2018 Calendar

Hindu calendar 2018, Panchang 2018

The Hindu calendar 2018 is sometimes also known as “pachang 2018“. The ancient Hindu calendar is very much similar to the Jewish calendar but different from the Gregorian calendar 2018. The hindu calendar maintains the integrity of lunar month unlike the Gregorian calendar but it also inserts an extra full month by some very typical rules, every few years to verify that the festival and crops related rituals fall in correct year/season.

Tithi 2018 Calendar

Tithi 2018 Calendar, Hindu Calendar 2018

The Hindu calendar has been used since ancient times and it remains in use by the hinds in India and Nepal so that to particularly set the Hindu festival dates such as diwali,holi,vaishaki,Onam,pongal,maha shivratri, Janmashtami, Durga puja,navratri,ramlila and many more list goes on and on. Hindu peoples celebrate and worship many gods and celebrate more festivals than any other religion people does. Early Buddhist communities of India adopted the ancient calendar of India later came the vikrami calendar and then the local Buddhist calendar.Countries like Cambodia,Myanmar,Laos,Sri lanka and Thailand also use the older version of Hindu calendar. The Hindu calendar is also used for zodiac system and astrology purpose of which most of it is accepted through Greece after the arrival of Alexander  the great in 326BC.Indian national calendar is taken from the Saka era which is also known as “saka calendar”.

2018 Hindu Calendar

With respect to the lunar months two traditions have been followed over centuries. First is the Amanta tradition in which on no moon day the lunar month ends. Second is the Purnimanta tradition. In purnimata traditon on full moon day the lunar month ends.

Amanda is also known as amavasaynt tradition. This tradition is followed by all of the Indian states which have a peninsular coastline leaving odisha , assam and tripura. Odisha, assam and tripura follow the Purnimanta tradition.

Purnimata tradition was being followed in the ancient times ( Vedic era ).

Amanta system replaced the purnimata system and is in use as the Hindu calendar system from the first century BC. Purnimanta tradition was restarted in 57 BCE by the famous gupta ruler “Vikramaditya” who wanted to return/back to the Vedic era. As once Dayanand saraswati also said to go back to the Vedas.

 Hindu Calendar 2018 With Tithi

A month contains two fortnights called Paksha which means side. On this night the half moon turns into a full moon whereas the other half turns and ends into a new moon. Most of the Hindu festivals often are either on or the day after the full moon night or the darkest night also known as Amavasya night except for some which are associated with gods like lord Rama , Lord Krishna, and lord Durga.

The combination of these three systems has led to determine the dates of the festivals or any event in ancient or modern times of Hindus, Buddhist or Jainism literature and festival calendars.

Panchang 2018 Calendar

Hindu-calendar-2018-wedding-dates, panchang 2018

As like in months the Hindu calendars has two measures of day, out of which one is based on the lunar movement and other on the solar. The solar days also known as civil days are called divasa which has been and what most Hindus traditionally use which is simple and exact to see, by poor and rich, with or without a clock, and it is characterized as the period starting with one dawn then onto the next. The lunar day are also known/called as tithi’s and this depends on confused measures of lunar development. A lunar day or tithi may start at any time as in it started in morning and can end the next morning. Both of these do not correlate to mathematical measures of lunar movement. The tithi’s have been the main reason for timing customs and celebrations, while divasa is for the regular use.

Some Important dates in Hindu calendars for the year 2018.

  • 13th January 2018 – Lohri
  • 14th January 2018 – Pongal, Makar Sankranti
  • 22nd January 2018 – Vasant Panchami
  • 13th February 2018 – maha shivratri
  • 1st march 2018 – choti holi
  • 2nd march 2018 – Holi
  • 25th march 2018 – Rama navami
  • 14th April 2018 – baisakhi
  • 30th April 2018 – buddha purnima
  • 24th august 2018 – onam
  • 26th august 2018 – Raksha bandhan
  • 2nd September 2018 – Janmashtmi
  • 13th September 2018 – ganesh chaturthi
  • 21st September 2018 – muharram
  • 17th October 2018 – Durga ashtami, Maha navami
  • 19th October 2018 – dussehra
  • 7th November 2018 – diwali
  • 8th November 2018 – gowardhan puja
  • 13th November 2018 – chhath pooja
  • 23rd November 2018 – Guru nanak jayantiHindu Calendar 2018 of all months

    January 2018 Hindu Calendar with Tithi

    January 2018 Hindu Calendar with Tithi

    February 2018 Hindu Calendar with Tithi

    February 2018 Hindu Calendar with Tithi

    March 2018 Hindu Calendar with Tithi

    March 2018 Hindu Calendar with Tithi

    April 2018 Hindu Calendar with Tithi

    April 2018 Hindu Calendar with Tithi

    May 2018 Hindu Calendar with Tithi

    May 2018 Hindu Calendar with Tithi

    June 2018 Hindu Calendar with Tithi

    June 2018 Hindu Calendar with Tithi

    July 2018 Hindu Calendar with Tithi

    July 2018 Hindu Calendar with Tithi

    August 2018 Hindu Calendar with Tithi

    August 2018 Hindu Calendar with Tithi

    September 2018 Hindu Calendar with Tithi

    September 2018 Hindu Calendar with Tithi

    October 2018 Hindu Calendar with Tithi

    October 2018 Hindu Calendar with Tithi
    November 2018 Hindu Calendar with Tithi

    November 2018 Hindu Calendar with Tithi
    December 2018 Hindu Calendar with Tithi

    December 2018 Hindu Calendar with Tithi



Free Islamic Calendar 2018 | Hijri Calendar 1439

Hello everyone! This article is about the Islamic Calendar 2018. As we all know how much importance a calendar plays in our daily life. Without the calendar, we won’t get to know typically about days, weeks, month and year. Basically, a calendar is a system of organizing days for the religious, social, administrative or commercial purpose. For a specific day, a date has been assigned within such a system. The term ‘calendar’ was first taken from ”calendar” which is actually the first day of the  month in the Roman calendar which refers to the “calling” of the new moon when it was first seen. So this here was a little brief about the “calendar”.

Islamic Calendar 2018

Islamic Calendar 2018, Urdu Calendar 2018

I believe that every other religious person follows their calendars. For eg:- The Muslim religion people follow Islamic, Hijri or Muslim Calendar. Hindu religion people follow Lunar calendar 2018 and so other religion people follow according to their religions.So basically in this article, I would be telling you everything about “Islamic Calendar /Hijri Calendar for the year – 2018”. So do stay on this page to read this interesting article about Islamic Calendar and to get a little bit know about the Muslim religion.

Hijri Calendar 2018

Hijri Calendar 2018, Islamic Calendar 2018

So basically what is Islamic calendar, I am going to give you a brief description about this. The Islamic calendar is also known as Hijri/Muslim calendar. it began after the hijrah of the Prophet (PBUH) to Madina. The Islamic time table depends on the moon . . The start of every month is dependent upon the perceivability of the moon toward the finish of the earlier month. Once the moon is located, the new month begins.

Every month begins with another lunar cycle. It is basically a lunar calendar which consists of 12 months in a year of 354/355 days. As we all know calendar is used to date events. It is oftenly used alongside the Gregorian calendar in many Muslim countries. It is additionally utilized by Muslims to decide the best possible days of Islamic occasions and customs, for example, the yearly time of fasting and the best possible time for the journey to Mecca.

The Islamic New Year begins off with Muharram took after by Safar, Rabi al-awwal, Rabi al-thani, Jumada al-awwal, Jumada al-thani, Rajab, Shaban, Ramadan, Shawwal, Dhul Qadah and Dhul Hijja. In AD 622 Muhammad and some of his followers migrated from Mecca to Yathrib (Now known as Medina) and there first Muslim community was established. 1439 AH is the current Islamic year. In the Gregorian schedule, 1439 AH keeps running from around 21 September 2017 to 10 September 2018. Now let me brief you  something about the History of Islamic calendar.

Hijri Calendar 1439

As time passes away so do the things as in culture, literature..etc. So as the saying says there is same as in Mecca. There is a lack of epigraphical evidence but some details are found time to time in the writings of Muslim authors of the Abbasid Era. Some inscriptions also reveal the use of no. of local calendars in the ancient south Arabia. And some of the South Arabian calendars also followed the Lunisolar systems Some scholars like al-biruni and al-mas’udi even suggested that the ancient Arabs used the same month names as Muslims did.

Urdu Calendar 2018

Urdu Calendar 2018, Arabic Calendar 2018

The Arabs of Tihamah, Hejaj and Najid distinguished between two types of months known as permitted (halal)and forbidden  (haram) months. The forbidden months were four months in which fighting was not permitted at all which are listed as Rajab and the three months around the pilgrimage season, Dhu al-Qa‘dah, Dhu al-Hijjah, and Muharram ( also known as month 11th,12th and 1st).  And the single forbidden month is Rajab (Month 7th).

2018 Islamic Calendar

These are the three months mention forbidden by the Prophet Muhammad. These four months were considered forbidden in two calendars known as  the new Islamic calendar and the old pagan meccan calendar. As lunar calendar is behind the solar calendar  by around ten days each Gregorian year, so the months of the Islamic year falls in different  parts of the Gregorian calendar  every year. This cycle is repeated every 33 lunar years.

Arabic Calendar 2018

Arabic CALENDAR 2018, Islamic Calendar 2018

The first ten years of the Hijra were not numbered, but usually were named after events happened in the life of Propht Muhammad according to Abu rayhan al-biruni. The first ten years list is given below:-

The year of permission.

The year of the order of fighting.

The year of the trial.

The year of congratulation on marriage.

The year of the earthquake.

The year of enquiring.

The year of gaining victory.

The year of equality.

The year of exemption.

The year of farewell.

Islamic Months 2018

Hijri 1439 Calendar, Urdu Calendar 2018

1- First month is known as Muharram which means forbidden.
2- Second month is known as Safar which means void.

3-Third month is known as Rabi-al-awwal which means the first spring.

4-Fourth months is known as Rabi ath-thani which means the second spring.
5- Fifth month is known as Jumada al-ula which means the first of parched land.

6- Sixth month is known as Jumada al-akhirah which means the last of parched land.

7-Seventh month is known as Rajab which means respect/honour  .

8-Eighth month is known as Shaban which means scattered .

9-Ninth month is known as Ramadan which means burning heat .

10-Tenth month is known as Shwwal which means raised.

11- Eleventh month is known as Dhu al-qadah which means the one of truce/sitting.

12- Twelfth month is known as Dhu al-hijjah which means the one of pilgrimage.

Some important Islamic events and expected dates:

Urs Khawjah Gharib Nawaz – 24th march (Saturday)

Lailat-ul-Miraj  –  13th April 2018 ( Friday)

Shabe-e-Barat – 1 May 2018 (Tuesday)

Start of Fasting Month – 17 May 2018 (Thursday)

Jummat-ul-wida – 8th June 2018 (Friday)

lailat-ul-qadr – 11th June 2018 (Monday)

Eid-ul-fitr– 15june 2018 (Friday)

Hajj-21st August 2018 (Tuesday)

Eid-ul-adaha-22nd August 2018(Wednesday)

Islamic new year-11th September 2018(Tuesday)

Yaum-al-ashura-20th September 2018 (Thursday)

Eid milad -un-nabi-20th November 2018 (Tuesday)

giyarahwin sharif-19th December 2018 (Wednesday)