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Hello everyone! This article is about the Islamic Calendar 2018. As we all know how much importance a calendar plays in our daily life. Without the calendar, we won’t get to know typically about days, weeks, month and year. Basically, a calendar is a system of organizing days for the religious, social, administrative or commercial purpose. For a specific day, a date has been assigned within such a system. The term ‘calendar’ was first taken from ”calendar” which is actually the first day of the  month in the Roman calendar which refers to the “calling” of the new moon when it was first seen. So this here was a little brief about the “calendar”.

Islamic Calendar 2018

Islamic Calendar 2018, Urdu Calendar 2018

I believe that every other religious person follows their calendars. For eg:- The Muslim religion people follow Islamic, Hijri or Muslim Calendar. Hindu religion people follow Lunar calendar 2018 and so other religion people follow according to their religions.So basically in this article, I would be telling you everything about “Islamic Calendar /Hijri Calendar for the year – 2018”. So do stay on this page to read this interesting article about Islamic Calendar and to get a little bit know about the Muslim religion.

Hijri Calendar 2018

Hijri Calendar 2018, Islamic Calendar 2018

So basically what is Islamic calendar, I am going to give you a brief description about this. The Islamic calendar is also known as Hijri/Muslim calendar. it began after the hijrah of the Prophet (PBUH) to Madina. The Islamic time table depends on the moon . . The start of every month is dependent upon the perceivability of the moon toward the finish of the earlier month. Once the moon is located, the new month begins.

Every month begins with another lunar cycle. It is basically a lunar calendar which consists of 12 months in a year of 354/355 days. As we all know calendar is used to date events. It is oftenly used alongside the Gregorian calendar in many Muslim countries. It is additionally utilized by Muslims to decide the best possible days of Islamic occasions and customs, for example, the yearly time of fasting and the best possible time for the journey to Mecca.

The Islamic New Year begins off with Muharram took after by Safar, Rabi al-awwal, Rabi al-thani, Jumada al-awwal, Jumada al-thani, Rajab, Shaban, Ramadan, Shawwal, Dhul Qadah and Dhul Hijja. In AD 622 Muhammad and some of his followers migrated from Mecca to Yathrib (Now known as Medina) and there first Muslim community was established. 1439 AH is the current Islamic year. In the Gregorian schedule, 1439 AH keeps running from around 21 September 2017 to 10 September 2018. Now let me brief you  something about the History of Islamic calendar.

Hijri Calendar 1439

As time passes away so do the things as in culture, literature..etc. So as the saying says there is same as in Mecca. There is a lack of epigraphical evidence but some details are found time to time in the writings of Muslim authors of the Abbasid Era. Some inscriptions also reveal the use of no. of local calendars in the ancient south Arabia. And some of the South Arabian calendars also followed the Lunisolar systems Some scholars like al-biruni and al-mas’udi even suggested that the ancient Arabs used the same month names as Muslims did.

Urdu Calendar 2018

Urdu Calendar 2018, Arabic Calendar 2018

The Arabs of Tihamah, Hejaj and Najid distinguished between two types of months known as permitted (halal)and forbidden  (haram) months. The forbidden months were four months in which fighting was not permitted at all which are listed as Rajab and the three months around the pilgrimage season, Dhu al-Qa‘dah, Dhu al-Hijjah, and Muharram ( also known as month 11th,12th and 1st).  And the single forbidden month is Rajab (Month 7th).

2018 Islamic Calendar

These are the three months mention forbidden by the Prophet Muhammad. These four months were considered forbidden in two calendars known as  the new Islamic calendar and the old pagan meccan calendar. As lunar calendar is behind the solar calendar  by around ten days each Gregorian year, so the months of the Islamic year falls in different  parts of the Gregorian calendar  every year. This cycle is repeated every 33 lunar years.

Arabic Calendar 2018

Arabic CALENDAR 2018, Islamic Calendar 2018

The first ten years of the Hijra were not numbered, but usually were named after events happened in the life of Propht Muhammad according to Abu rayhan al-biruni. The first ten years list is given below:-

The year of permission.

The year of the order of fighting.

The year of the trial.

The year of congratulation on marriage.

The year of the earthquake.

The year of enquiring.

The year of gaining victory.

The year of equality.

The year of exemption.

The year of farewell.

Islamic Months 2018

Hijri 1439 Calendar, Urdu Calendar 2018

1- First month is known as Muharram which means forbidden.
2- Second month is known as Safar which means void.

3-Third month is known as Rabi-al-awwal which means the first spring.

4-Fourth months is known as Rabi ath-thani which means the second spring.
5- Fifth month is known as Jumada al-ula which means the first of parched land.

6- Sixth month is known as Jumada al-akhirah which means the last of parched land.

7-Seventh month is known as Rajab which means respect/honour  .

8-Eighth month is known as Shaban which means scattered .

9-Ninth month is known as Ramadan which means burning heat .

10-Tenth month is known as Shwwal which means raised.

11- Eleventh month is known as Dhu al-qadah which means the one of truce/sitting.

12- Twelfth month is known as Dhu al-hijjah which means the one of pilgrimage.

Some important Islamic events and expected dates:

Urs Khawjah Gharib Nawaz – 24th march (Saturday)

Lailat-ul-Miraj  –  13th April 2018 ( Friday)

Shabe-e-Barat – 1 May 2018 (Tuesday)

Start of Fasting Month – 17 May 2018 (Thursday)

Jummat-ul-wida – 8th June 2018 (Friday)

lailat-ul-qadr – 11th June 2018 (Monday)

Eid-ul-fitr– 15june 2018 (Friday)

Hajj-21st August 2018 (Tuesday)

Eid-ul-adaha-22nd August 2018(Wednesday)

Islamic new year-11th September 2018(Tuesday)

Yaum-al-ashura-20th September 2018 (Thursday)

Eid milad -un-nabi-20th November 2018 (Tuesday)

giyarahwin sharif-19th December 2018 (Wednesday)



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